New Trend "SHOEFIE"... How to get the shot?

The "shoefie" is exactly what it sounds like—a selfie of your shoes, generally taken from above. Whether the picture is intended to show the photographer's love of their footwear or how relaxed they are with their feet kicked up, Zerga Shoes think this trend's got serious potential.
Although this is the first time we've ever heard of the clever name, "shoefies" have been shared by celebs like John Barrowman, Jessica Biel, and Reese Witherspoon since the dawn of WhoSay.


1. Shoefie from Above

What can only be described as the “classic” shoefie perspective, I present you with the #viewfromabove. I’m sure you’ve seen this a zillion times before. Yes, photographing your shoes from above is the most popular way for you to take a photo of you, wearing your (hopefully!) fabulous shoes. This shoefie usually incorporates the shoes & ankles only, like the image of me & my tassel loafers above. Luckily, it requires little to the minimal effort on your part AND this particular view never gets boring. Unless of course, your shoes start!

2. Standing Shoefie: 

Just as it reads, this type of shoefie is taken from above while standing. It also can be hashtagged #viewfromabove. What differentiates this shoefie angle from the first, is that more than just your shoes & ankles are showing. Often, most of your outfit is too. Although some would argue that this is, in fact an outfit selfie, as long your shoes are the main focus, then it is a shoefie, just not your standard one!

Tip: Simply put your feet together (toes angled together or straight out), either positioning your device parallel to the floor to capture below the knees, or angled downwards to include more of your outfit. Want to capture your body from lips to toes? You’ll need a selfie-stick or have really long arms for that!

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3. Sitting Shoefie: 

Slightly more time consuming & not as easy to take, is the shoefie captured from above while sitting. So many ways to sit, though, that it never gets boring! These are the top 3 sitting shoefie ways to take a shoefie:

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  • On the floor

You can either separate your knees like you’re about to sit cross-legged (like above). Or you can sit with both knees to one side to show the inner & portion of your shoes. A popular sitting shoefie pic involves keeping one leg stretched out in front & the other one crossed either over or under the extended leg’s knee.

Tip: This works best, of course, with heels, as the shot highlights that important footwear feature!

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  • On a chair

Sitting on a stool or a chair,  you can either keep your feet straight down, so the picture captures the top of the shoes, or cross your ankles & turn your foot to show off any important design elements. 

Tip: You can use your heels to angle your feet as inwards (towards you) as you see fit.

  • On the stairs

This is a great point of view, because not only do you get a great shot of your shoes from above, but you’ll also capture part your incredible outfit, giving the shot more styling interest. In addition, if you shoot outdoors, you get all the benefit that natural light has to offer. The stairs themselves add a nice linear quality to the mix.

Tip: Make sure the stairs are parallel to the top & bottom of the picture, so the image itself appears leveled & balanced.

4.  Up in the air: 

This is probably our favorite angle to shoot a shoefie from. It’s the most original as it’s rather uncommon. Why? Because it’s possibly the most difficult shoefie shot to take, especially when wearing high heels. Of course, Sitting shoefies work better with high heels! So if you’re able to take a great shot from below (especially on a white or interesting landscape background) you’re likely to get far more, well, likes, than by using the more common view from above angles.

Tip: Be sure to either cross your legs & let at least one high heel shoe. Seeing the heel itself, along with the shoe’s upper, allows for a more interesting photo. Like the gladiator shoefie above, you can see the intricate, tight lacing of the upper, but also the shape & height of the heel.

5. Sideways Shoefie

Sitting or standing,  taking a shoefie from a side angle is always a fun, unexpected shoefie twist! This is essentially when you stand at an angle, but instead of taking the shot directly above you take it lower & to the side. When done well this shoefie perspective can actually look like someone else has taken the picture. But even so, if you’re the one who took the pic, then a shoefie it still remains! Works great when capturing a reflection of your shoes in a mirror too (just a little trickier!)

Tip: You can point one toe to maximize your high heels.

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