About us

Not every brand has a story, and not every story is as inspiring as the one you will find at the heart of the beautiful fashions and styles offered by Zerga Shoes. Simply looking at the quality of handcrafted artisan workmanship will provide a glimpse into the passion and the careful selection of each element of the design.
Zerga Shoes Company, based and designed in Miami, FL - USA, produced in Europe, is specializing in providing our customers with the latest women fashion shoes and matching clutches. The shoes are Zerga Shoe’s dominant product category, which takes up the largest part of the displaying products on our site and differs Zerga Shoes from other online shoe retailers.


Zerga Shoes is named after our founder’s mother name, Zerga which means “GOLDMINE”, a longtime devotee of craftsmanship and artistry. We developed strong relationships and learned the luxury footwear trade from the best in the business. Our passion, knowledge, and experience come through in everything we make.


All of our designs are limited edition which we produce them very limited quantities and we never produce same product again. That is the key to being unique and different when our clients wear our shoes. Every Collection has a story and importance for us. 


To Zerga Shoes, shoes are a metaphor for power. The goal of our shoe designs is to give every woman a sense of being powerful and confident. The keyword in the brand’s design philosophy is feminine power. 


The new standard for high standards.


Zerga Shoes embraces the best of luxury while presenting a modern approach to pricing and access. Each model is hand-manufactured in the best tradition of over 50 years experienced artisans.





We honor the art of making something by hand, and the quality that can only be achieved in this way.




We deliver just what our clients want, just when they want it, at prices that are fair, not inflated for quality products. Shopping should be a simple pleasure, so we bring humanity and attention to every detail. A style is a powerful tool of expression; ours is as multidimensional as our clients are.